free heirloom seeds

So, not only do my local libraries supply me with all the books I can read (no small task), the Woodbury and Pitman branches here in Gloucester County, NJ also lend out seeds.

Free packaged heirloom seeds

a selection of seeds at the Woodbury, NJ seed bank

They give me free heirloom seeds; I plant them, enjoy the bounty, and give them back some seeds at the end of the season. (And no fines if it doesn’t work out.) Sweet deal!

Below are just a few of the flower, vegetable and herb seeds I picked up. All it takes is a library card.

heirloom vegetables, flowers, and herbs

Watermelon radish, Traveler jalapeno pepper, Monarda bergamot, Callipe blend carrots, White sage

I’m hoping my backyard looks like this in a couple of months.

7 thoughts on “free heirloom seeds

  1. Isn’t it the best? I’ve shared seeds & plants with anyone who would take them over the years, but this goes way beyond that. I am so impressed with the humanity (not sure that’s the word I want) in this: the sharing, the nature, the preserving and cherishing and passing on of things that have been around for so long. . . NOW I have to turn into a really competent gardener so I can give back.

    Thanks for the nice complement on my blog, sweet thing!


  2. HI Honey, Got your post about getting free seeds from the library—how did you find out about that? What a neat idea! Have you started some? I enjoy reading your posts!

    I’m still waiting for my first daffodil to bloom. Last year the first one was on Lauren’s b-day (and you remember how snowy last winter was!) We’ll see if my first one blooms before her b-day this year. I accidentally stepped on the one bud that was closest to blooming (when Pat and I were working out front). I left a few choice words slip since I had just told Pat to be careful not to trample them. I tried to prop it up. We’ll see.

    I see you also heard from Dave that Aaron is due to return on April 9. I know they’ll miss him but I’d think it would be a big relief since it’s all on Dave with Julia in Maine. Glad to know that got home safely from FLA.

    Happy spring – even though it doesn’t feel like it! Love, Mom

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    • Hey mom,

      Thanks for popping by. The teacher of my gardening class, Jeff Quattrone, started the seed banks in Woodbury and Pitman last year.
      Not sure if that link will work – but I gave it a shot.

      Anyway – he’s very active in the community -so I am getting lots of info & learning lots of things, still, even though class is over. Plus – I have all the heirloom seeds I can start! Most packets only have 5 or 10 seeds, so it’s not overwhelming to start them. I already have lettuce, golden tomatoes, and native NJ hot peppers spouting. They have herbs & flowers too. You should go to the Woodbury library & ask for some. They are super nice & told me about how Roxanne used to let the kids slide down the old library steps on cardboard boxes when she was the librarian. Ha ha

      You always get flowers before I do – we’re not even close to blooming here.

      Yes, I did hear that Aaron will get to be a big boy seeing eye dog, sweet thing. I guess they will pair him with a marathon runner or an insomniac.

      Love you too!


    • I agree – the seed bank has really spurred me on to become a better gardener, just so I can give back to this great effort.

      Thanks so much for the nice words about my blog – and I just saw yours – wow! The pics of your garden are beautiful, and your tips are great!
      I’ll be walking this journey a bit behind you, but following your every step.


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