I’m redoing my vegetable garden in anticipation of all the heirloom seedlings that will soon be residing there. I am digging out a walking path, which I then fill with stones (oh, the stones!) and leaves and whatnot. This will give me a cleaner place to walk and will keep me from tromping in the plant beds. garden excavationI’m using some old lumber (non-treated) and just hammering in shims to hold it all in place. My thinking is that the soil on one side and the leaves on the other side will hold it all in place. So that’s the plan. . . .constructing garden bedsNext time I go out (hopefully this afternoon . . . ) I will bring a level and a square . . .

4 thoughts on “outside

  1. Thanks, you guys! I am out there again this afternoon – so excited! I am having an excellent time in my yard these days. I think I have even trained our beloved 86 pound Riley hound to stay out of the garden . . . so I have all sorts of hope for the best year ever.


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