I am worried about my seedlings. They are thin and long, not bushy and hearty like so many I see at my blogging friends’ sites: handmade.homegrown.beautiful life

I decided to get them outside into the sunshine, even though it’s early. I put them out  a bit every day for a week and just recently started keeping them out. I built a “greenhouse” for them (rocks on the sides to retain heat and old windows on the top.makeshift greenhouseThey look to be adjusting (haven’t died yet).

makeshift greenhouseI’m most concerned about my heirloom Golden Jubilee Tomatoes . . . they were SO good last year . . .

tomato seedlings

10 thoughts on “seedlings

  1. Maybe you ought to try taking a few of the heirloom tomatoes inside tonight and putting them under a light for a while. My cardinal vines perked up when I did that. It’s extemely cold and if you just try a few it might help. Good luck! Libby


  2. Thank you Jodie! Great idea for a coldframe! All seedlings look a little peaky at that stage. You’ll be posting pictures of juicy, giant tomatoes in no time. Hope it warms up soon.. Feeling a bit peaky myself, lol.

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