19 thoughts on “happy cabbage and woebegone broccoli

  1. Lol!!! So funny!! Your cabbage is really happy!! It’s already making a head and it’s been so hot! I thought of you when I ordered seeds this year. I liked your library seed bank so I ordered Jersey Wakefield cabbage. Thought it might be lucky… You send a lot of good positive energy up from South Jersey
    I do know this doesn’t make a lot of sense. It’s my scientific mind

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    • I love so much that you can feel my positive energy way up there. Let me know how that cabbage does. – And don’t be too impressed with mine – I bought cabbage plants this year, so I got a bit of a head start. (Actually, i did the same with that broccoli – fat lot of good it did me.)

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  2. That is a sad little broccoli for sure, I guess Mr Cabbage took the monopoly on happy….mine bolted like that last year too – I thought it may have been because it got very warm very quickly, but that is very much conjecture…I hope it comes around!!

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