early july : my favorite things

My yard is bursting: with birds, animals, flowers, vegetables. Sometimes July can feel parched, but not this year. We are ripe with all of the things I love.zinnias in bloomZinnias I planted from seed are in their full glory. When they no longer look pretty to me, I will leave them as a meal for my goldfinch friends.cherry treeThe cherry tree is overripe to me, but it is alive with blue jays, red-breasted woodpeckers (and a fledgling – the first I’ve EVER seen), robins, brown thrashers, finches, cardinals, flickers, and titmice. The hummingbirds spend a great deal of time perching in it – but I have never seen them eating the fruit in any way. There are also a crazy amount of bunnies beneath the tree. Are they eating the cherries that fall?birdhouse gourd plant climbing a homemade trellisThe bird house gourds are happy to climb the trellis I made to keep them off the ground. I have big plans ahead for these, but the hummingbirds love their blossoms right now.tomatoes almost ripeBut of all those things to love, beautiful tomatoes, just days from being ripe, are my current favorite things.

10 thoughts on “early july : my favorite things

  1. We hope you don’t mind if we copy your trellis design and modify it a bit for our winter squash. Great idea. We also might copy your idea of growing bird house gourds. Do birds really live in them? We made a lot of homes for them years ago and they live there, but they are getting a bit run down now (leaking on them probably).

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    • Oh, copy away; I’d be honored. I just used scraps I had lying around, so it’s pretty random. I think the 2 brackets (from on old shelf I no longer use) were pretty necessary. Otherwise the top would have sagged.

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    • Oh, and about the gourds – I have no idea! My birdhouses are in the same state as yours are & I planted the gourds to see if I can get some new houses made. I’ll look up how to do it when the time comes, but I am guessing I need to dry them & hollow them out. It will be an experiment, as is most everything I do.

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  2. One of the things I love about visiting other gardens via blogs is I see the plants I would love to grow but aren’t quite right for me, like a cherry tree! An over ripe cherry tree with cherries dropping to the ground sound like one of the best things in the world! Our cherry season is in December in the hills where it is cooler. Aahh I look forward to it….

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