just picked tomatoBehold: my first tomato of the year. I ate this one warm from the sun, sliced, with sea salt and black pepper.

This is not one of the heirloom tomatoes that I started from seed; they are a bit slower. This is a “Celebrity” tomato. I bought the plants from the farm market down the road. After the first came ripe, I was almost struck with a glut. Never you mind. I can handle the challenge.bread tomato kabobs
First up: Bread Kabobs.  Day old bread, tomatoes, olives, artichokes. Thread on a skewer & sprinkle with olive oil, salt, all sorts of Italian herbs AND red pepper flakes. Grill until toasty. Oh, my.

11 thoughts on “tomato time

  1. Oh my, indeed! To say I’m envious doesn’t begin to describe the way I feel when I looked at that beautiful tomato. No tomatoes here in Maine yet. Those kabobs look amazing. I will have to try it or a variation on a theme. (Brush my homemade vinaigrette on the kabobs? Add eggplant and/or turkey sausage?) If I post it as a Farmer Kev recipe, then I will be sure to give you credit for inspiration.

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    • They were SO good and SO easy! I could even serve them on the same platter I took them out on since there was no meat, and they soaked up the goodness that much more. Vinaigrette would be awesome – I had the oil but not the vinegar and that would be excellent. Eggplant? Sausage? Oh yes! I think this is a work in progress. ( The next day I put the few leftovers into a salad. The bread wasn’t crunchy anymore, like a crouton, it was more chewy like a mushroom; it was all so good!)

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