It started out as any July morning:Riley web 002I enjoyed a cup of coffee in the party garden at 6:00 am while Riley stood guard and patiently waited for her run. Hot air balloonWhile we were running, I saw a hot air balloon. We stepped up the pace, got home, and I grabbed my camera and drove out to track it down. (Riley had a drink and a nap on the sofa.)hot air balloon on groundThe balloon had a friend.cedar waxwingWhen I got home, I noticed a pair of Cedar Waxwings nesting in my yard. This is unheard of. I am thrilled to see them once a year, in a group, in winter. I have never seen Cedar Waxwings during nesting season.cedar waxwingThey are very active, so the pictures aren’t great – but I have high hopes for the future.

7 thoughts on “a most unusual morning

    • The nest is in the curly willow Rhonda gave me as a sapling (the big one by the gate). Way up high over the driveway. They were in and out of it all day. SO exciting! They were also in the smaller one by the kitchen – couldn’t tell if they were pulling bark off or ripping branches off – but they are loving those willows. They are smaller than I thought – bigger than a titmouse but smaller than a cardinal.


  1. How exciting! My house is on an air balloon route. Sometimes the sound of the air pumping wakes me up and I see balloons floating outside my bedroom window. They land in the fields across the street from me.
    Those birds are really pretty. I’ve only seen them in pictures, never in person. Maybe this special morning is a hallmark for many more wonderful things heading your way!
    Ps; your Riley is a beauty!

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    • That’s pretty magical, Cynthia, being able to see the balloons land from your house – I had to chase these bad boys down. The only time I was ever awakened by them was 15 years ago. I woke my oldest daughter up and we tracked that one down as well. They had just landed and took my daughter and me up in it (just up and down while tethered to ropes that people held on the ground.) It was a black and yellow balloon and so I asked the people yesterday if they had ever done that and it was the same balloon! So I’ve seen them land twice. And the Waxwings! I am in heaven – they’re still at it today. I’m hoping to get some pictures after work. Riles Barkley says thank you for the compliment.


    • It was quite the adventure yesterday, Johanna. The waxwings are still working on their nest this morning; I’ve learned to spot them from my kitchen window. They do a lot of flapping around in the trees and they fly like fighter jets. I am going to research them after work and see what I can learn. Thank you for the compliment on Riley Pooper. We are overly fond of her. (My daughter calls her “Mom’s favorite child.”) 🙂

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