My yard is always full of my family and friends. As I walk outside I am greeted by Woody Platt’s Sundrops, Grandma’s Tiger Lilies, and Mom’s Cleome. I take care with these special plants. To ensure that they stay with me, I save the seeds to plant next year.

Cleome flower with bee

Cleome Flower and Friend

Cleome seeds in the pod

Cleome seeds in the pod

This is the time of year when the seedpods are brittle and dry. That’s when you want to collect them. The Cleome seeds above are ready to be harvested. I’ll hold a large, clean, dry Tupperware container underneath and brush the seeds into the container.

Columbine Flowers

Columbine Flowers

Columbine seed pods ready to be harvested

Columbine seeds work the same way. Collect them when the pods are dry and brittle and look like the picture above.Seed collecting envelopeweb 003

I store my seeds in a labeled #10 envelope.  Seed Collection Envelope  Here’s a pdf to download to print your own envelopes. It is set up for my printer, which feeds envelopes vertically on the right. I can format it for different printers; just let me know.

20 thoughts on “Seed Saving

  1. Great post! I also love the way the columbine pods look. I’ve let many of my flowers go to pod in the hopes of using them in fall arrangements in a month or so. If fall ever comes to Maine. (It was 90 degrees yesterday.)

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  2. That’s a great idea – I was just admiring the day lily pods yesterday – beautiful. Oh, and I’s sorry about the heat! We are at 85 today but this is New Jersey, not Maine. The nights and mornings are cool and the humidity is low – so I am feeling happy.


    • It’s always so fun to start planning for next year, isn’t it? This year I FINALLY got a good crop of Blanket Flower – after YEARS of trying – and the reason was I saved so many seeds & the plants came up so many places that even our big dog couldn’t kill them all.


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