i am a quilter

I made my first real quilt this spring at the request of my eldest.  birthday quiltQuilt

And I have been hooked ever since. My 1981 sewing machine did fine, but I needed more open space to shove all of that fabric through. After much soul searching and internet searching, I decided I wanted a better quilting machine.machine 006

Ta Da!! This work horse has been such a great addition to my sewing room. The yellow space above ( harp space)  is only about 1/4 inch higher  and a couple of inches wider than my old machine, but it makes a huge difference in the ease of sewing large projects. And it is  so powerful  and has such features . . .Date 017

My second quilt, for my brother’s 50th birthday, sports a fancy machine- embroidered date label.Quilt Back 021

The close stitching  that I love was way easier with the bigger harp space in my new machine.Quilt.16

And right after I finished this quilt, I started another. I am a quilter.

24 thoughts on “i am a quilter

  1. Yes – you definitely are quite a quilter!!! Did you make a quilt for Lauren when she was a baby?? I seem to remember you did. Interesting post! Everyone I pass these on to also loves your writing style!!

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    • Than you, so much, Lori – I was scared when my daughter asked for only greys/ whites for the first quilt – but it turned out so well I was hesitant to add much more! So I put in some black and yellow. This next one is totally different, though – I am feeling feisty.

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    • Thank you, so much, Judy! Throat space- that’s a better way to say it – I searched online for a long time trying to figure out what it was called. I knew what I wanted but didn’t know how to say it – like a two year old!

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