creativity 3 – make time

My niece made me a present years ago. It hangs in my office and makes me feel good every day.hurry

So, for her birthday, I wanted to make her something special. I was giving her money, since that’s what teenagers want, so I decided to make a little purse to put it in.

I didn’t start sewing until the morning of the party. My machine wasn’t sewing just right, but I didn’t take the time to fix it because I was in  a hurry. The stitches around the zipper were crooked, but I didn’t rip them out because I didn’t have time. Eventually, I showed up late to the party: unshowered, empty-handed, and full of apologies.

I know better. I need to make mistakes as I go and have the time to fix them. My best work happens when I can enjoy the process and not just hurry to the finish.hurry_0001

I made this sign for my sewing room as a reminder to take time for creativity, and to have patience with myself as I learn and grow and improve.

Oh, and Gillian got a little package in the mail a few days later – with two purses.

8 thoughts on “creativity 3 – make time

  1. When she gets a little older, she will certainly understand. And, I’m guessing she loved getting two purses to hold that money. 🙂 I’ve been working on a quilt blanket, and I swear I rip as many seams as I sew. My husband will walk by and say ‘gee it’s quiet in it.’ Yeah, it sure is because I’m ripping what I just sewed. 🙂 Ripping is sure part of the sewing process at least for me so I have to allow for double time any more. My Mom was a seamstress by profession, and I always think of her when I’m ripping away thinking that she most assuredly sewed more than she ripped. Gives me something to aspire to. 🙂

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    • Aaww, your kind response left me a bit teary eyed. I always try so hard to put the good out there – It is a hard thing when I feel I have failed. Thanks for your support, and you are right – she understands already that I did my best but it took a bit longer than anticipated.


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