the double bind

Riley web 002Have you met Riley? She’s 112 pounds of hairy love. And I do mean hairy.20170422_213444

I’ve made a bunch of scrap quilts to try to keep the furniture clean.  I pull them up and wash them: so much so that they are now frayed along the edges.


I sewed a second binding to this ragged quilt and loved the result. Not only did I clean up the ragged edge, but I added a second layer of fun to the binding. Super cute. It makes me want to have a double bind on all of my quilts.

15 thoughts on “the double bind

    • See my comment to Peggy above. I don’t know if it would work with a real skinny original binding. I haven’t tried that.

      Re: dogs – well, yes. Love them so much. I swear Riley understands every word I say (but never argues). We all always laugh at her perfect use of the pillow. She gets it totally.


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