Cozy Place

Ever since my kids started moving out, I’ve been thinking of ways to lure them back. Not permanently, I love that they are off living their own wonderful lives, but I do like lots and lots of visits.

My latest project has been a “guest room” in the space in the attic that was my former office. I cleaned it up and used what I had to try to make it cozy. I guess it worked; my daughter’s boyfriend liked it enough to take a picture.Cozy Place

Then my daughter put it on Reddit last night and almost 30,000 people liked it.ย Cozy Spaces

My grandmother’s rug anchors the space. It was a real treat hauling that up from the basement. Old pillows and pieced-together fabric scraps make comfy floor pillows. The sturdy felt bin is great for blanket storage.DSC_0045

I recovered a chair the cat had ruined. Then I layered on a quilt and another pillow.ย  I use the old shutter and clothespins to put up pictures and notes.


An old milk crate is the night stand.


I didn’t want to block any light with curtains, so I made a “valence” out of embroidery hoops and fabric scraps.DSC_0034

My husband built this bookshelf years ago. It’s great for storage and keeps people from plummeting down the steps.



15 thoughts on “Cozy Place

  1. That is the most warm and welcoming space Jodie. I’m not at all surprised it has been a hit – wait til it gets pinned ๐Ÿ˜€ I gasped at the thought of you hauling that gorgeous floor rug up to the attic though – now that would have been warm work!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love you you have used bits and pieces and made it all come together in this way – inspirational! โค

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  2. Fantastic! Absolutely cozy, and cozy is best. So many great ideas, but I especially like the valance made of fabric and embroidery hoops. (Even I could do that, and I’m not very handy.)

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