My newest sewing article is out, and I thought it might be interesting to explain how the process works.


Almost a year ago, I sent Sew News an email with the picture above. I said I’d like to write an article explaining how to make these 3 pillows I was working on. After 3 weeks or so, they got back to me and said yes, I have the assignment. At that point they sent a contract detailing what they wanted (process photos, instructions, patterns, etc). They also gave me a due date and told me what they would pay me. I got to work.

Prior to the due date, I packed up the pillows and mailed them to the Sew News office for a photo shoot. I sent the article, patterns, and photos of the process via email. Months later, I got paid. Months after that, I got the pillows back along with the latest copy of Sew News magazine with my article in it.


It’s on sale now in bookstores, sewing stores, and craft stores.



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  1. Thought you might like to hear about Rhonda’s kitten escapade.

    Begin forwarded message:

    > From: Rhonda Shaw > Date: April 15, 2018 at 8:11:42 AM EDT > To: Kathie Boop > Cc: Libby Sellen > Subject: Re: .?? > > Let me see how much progress I make tomorrow with work. Brought kittens home from neighbors and put in barn. Mom didn’t like it. She moved one outside under bushes. I carried the other 2 to help her out. After checking on them realized her young one from last year was also there delivering her babies! So the original mom is taking care of all. It is amazing. All very tame. Kids came to play with them. Worried about rain so made them a shelter. > > Sent from my iPad > >>

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