creativity 5 – persistance

Do you remember this?grilling-june-garden-hummingbird-009This is a photo from my post creativity 2 – make mistakes , nearly two years ago. Despite heroic efforts on my part, I was never able to overcome the effects of gravity, and the plants kept falling out of the frame. But I liked the idea and I persisted.DSC_0011I replanted the succulents into the garden so they could growDSC_0003and thriveDSC_0013and establish roots.DSC_0135And then I tried again. I found this weird little box at Goodwill for $1. I thought it needed some succulents. So, far, it’s Gravity: 1,  Jodie: 1.

15 thoughts on “creativity 5 – persistance

    • Thank you, so much, Judy! I had no idea what I would use it for when I got it – which is a problem because I have quite a few similar items. Right now I am in “Use it or Lose it” mode. If I can’t find a use for my little oddities, I am giving them back to Good Will. So far, nothing has gone back. : )

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  1. Ooooh, isn’t that purty!! What a clever and creative idea! I suspect (but don’t know this for sure) that is the boxes don’t have a back the roots might find foothold in the bark and something might stay put ……. Or epiphytes of course would like your boxes. I hope it works for you.

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  2. I love your anti-gravity gardens. How do you water them? I’ve heard of people using a wide mesh to help hold the plants in while they are establishing. You’ve made me wonder if it might be an idea to grow them more on the level for a while, so they will be better placed to cling on.

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    • This one (the vertical one) has really turned out well. I give it a light spray from the hose every few days and it has begun to grow AND nothing has fallen out. I think that’s due to the better root systems of the older plants I used as well as the smaller compartments. That big open diamond planter never had a chance. Every time a piece would fall out I’d lay it flat and replant it and let it establish for a few weeks. Then something else would fall out. : I If I ever tried a big one like that again, I would definitely try some kind of mesh situation. Thanks!

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      • Sometimes ideas take a little time to bed in until we collectively learn how to make them work. We were looking at a trendy green roof in a garden the other day in need of weeding, with tree seedlings, etc coming up in it and no obvious means to get to them.

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      • “Bed In” – I LOVE that! And I love the idea of a collective creativity, because that is surely what it is.

        I can just picture that roof garden – My yard is currently sprouting a thousand maple trees.


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