a ruckus and a fracas

We have a bird house full of baby house wrens, and they are the noisiest baby birds I have ever heard. As they have gotten bigger, their noise is nearly constant and is audible from all over the yard. I Googled “noisiest baby birds,” and house wrens were often listed. So it’s a thing.

I took a video so you could hear them:  Our noisy baby house wrens

DSC_0020There was one baby who clogged up the exit hole. His is the voice most often heard.


DSC_0017Does he look a little grumpy to you?






13 thoughts on “a ruckus and a fracas

  1. Fantastic! Yours must be house wrens. Ours are Carolina wrens and are much quieter, more ‘peep peep’ in their vocals. All 5 fledged just Saturday. We’re always a little sad when they go as ‘the show’ keeps us engaged for a couple of weeks every summer.

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    • Did you see them leave the nest? My husband and kids were out there & said it was quite a show. One flew right into my husband’s leg & then sat on the ground thinking about what trick to do next. The parents were yelling and fussing the whole time.


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