BUPDATE ***bunny update***

My daughter, Laney, was the first to see him. DSC_0017 (1)This little cutie is the first to emerge from the nest.  In backyard nature , I explained that I was afraid the mother had been killed. But, as you can see, all is well. This little guy is only a foot away from his nest. He likely got impatient waiting for mom to come and feed him at dark.

We’ll have to keep the dog on a leash for a while – at this point the little fellas could be anywhere.

Do you see the white mark on the top of his head? I hope he keeps it forever.

22 thoughts on “BUPDATE ***bunny update***

  1. Awww. So cute. We once disturbed a bunny nest and they ran right into our fenced dog yard where my Moka proceeded to grab one. I proceeded to scream like a crazy person, while My daughter got to the other side of the fence. Moka did not did not hurt it at all. She handed it over to my daughter who wanted to keep it. She eventually let it go and they made their new home under our front deck for safety.

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    • Wow – that’s a story! We’ve had similar luck with the dog. Riley will grab them but she knows she’ll get yelled at if they squeak. My husband rescued one from the dog’s mouth earlier this year late at night & tucked him away in a garden. I found him the next morning (not a mark on him) found the nest (45 minutes later) and put him in. That nest of bunnies are all half grown and popping out of every garden.

      I think we have ruined the fun of squeaky toys for Riley, though. She won’t make them squeak – probably because she thinks she’ll get yelled at. : I


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