Remember the little bunny from my last post? BUPDATE bunny update   I kept an eye on him and he didn’t move from that spot all day. When his mom showed up that evening, she didn’t sit around eating for hours as was her habit. She hopped right up to where the baby was, hopped inside the fence and started nursing him. I had never seen her even near the nest in the daylight.

I am now thinking that he was the LAST to leave the nest, not the first, because there are baby bunnies everywhere and they are all bigger than he. They all have claimed a garden, and when Riley gets too close they shoot out the other side.


The bunny from the herb garden

DSC_0006 (2)

The bunny from the party garden

And here’s the most interesting one:DSC_0002 (1)This bunny chose as his special spot the area under our upside down kayak. He’s been there for two days and never runs away, even we walk within 6 feet of his hiding spot. Riley has yet to notice him.

DSC_0009 (1)

The kayak bunny

19 thoughts on “bunnies

  1. Lagos (short for lagomorph) host some of the cutest species! Love the shot with the ears straight up. Glad all’s well with the new babes!

    We adopted three abandoned-to-die buns and they now live downstairs. It’s fun to watch them outside interacting with a deer herd; the species are quite similar.

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    • Oh, wow – good to know that you have been through raising them. We saw an adult that had been hit by a car a couple of weeks ago & I was afraid it was the mom. I thought I might be in a similar situation. I had no idea that rabbits and deer were similar. Thanks for the interesting info!

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    • Oh, there’s quite a bit of chewing going on, though I hate to assign blame. I had about 40 sunflower plants flourishing that I had started from seed. I was quite looking forward to the free birdseed. Someone ate all the tops off so I just have stems. Doubt they will continue to grow in the 100 degree heat with no rain. : I That small frustration is nothing to sad and starving baby bunnies in my book, so I count myself lucky.

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