happy birthday to lauren

On March 30th,  my eldest turned 28. She and her boyfriend came down from Brooklyn to celebrate last weekend.DSC_0022Here’s birthday girl, Lauren, with our formerly feral cat, Brippy. This picture was taken in the middle of a party. Brippy has adapted.DSC_0021This is my youngest daughter, Laney, and Brippy. Laney is the one who tamed her with love and attention and time and treats. When Laney comes home from college, Brippy will often play hard to get – punishing her for her absence. But Laney is the only one who gets this melt down head-on-the-shoulder hug.  DSC_0016This is my son, and Laney’s twin, Patrick. Oh, and Riley. Riley knows how to seek out the best sofa/pillow experience.DSC_0019Here is a quick shot of some family members at the party. I don’t usually include family photos; we’ll see if I get the business.DSC_0013My brothers in law made this amazing onion bread for the party. Spike and Daniel recently moved up from Florida and we are so happy to have them so close!DSC_0010Here’s my new favorite thing – the cutting board Spike and Daniel gave me. It’s a cut from a tree of theirs. Pretty awesome. Oh, and those rosemary bar nuts? Amazing!

16 thoughts on “happy birthday to lauren

  1. Happy birthday to your eldest daughter and to you! It’s so nice to see the family gathered to celebrate and it is lovely to see family photos and to have names and so on – even if I never get to see them again it gives added texture to our on-line friendship. (I tend to think of it like old fashioned pen-pals and how over aeons a relationship built up through those handwritten letters on flimsy paper and the odd photo) I suspect you are rather fortunate in your two b-i-ls – first up I thought all mature Americans went to Florida, this is the first time I’ve heard of some leaving it – and these make yummy looking bread AND the board to cut it on Yes please!! And the kitty – who looks not a tad feral any more and so happy to have her peeps home again. The special hug for the particular loved one is just gorgeous isn’t it. I may be wrong, but it seems to me that cats tend to have their particular favourite loves and life is never quite the same when that person is not there and therefore much attention must be paid to ensuring they understand the situation fully on their return. Lovely post Jodie!

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  2. Yes – I realize that I tend to under-share in the family pictures department. I shouldn’t worry, really – my mom is the only one who reads this blog – lol. And you are so right about Spike and Dan: they are worth a blog post on their own. Their beloved chickens just turned a year old and they have a hive of bees just awakening from their first winter. They are chefs and farmers and lots of fun. And YES – about a cat’s special person. We all know Brips has adopted me out of desperation; she sleeps with me and sits on my lap – but she’s just waiting for her REAL person to come home and make things right.


  3. What a great party with fabulous food. I always hesitate to put in family pictures as well, but broke that mold recently. Everyone enjoyed it, it seemed, along with my regular visitors. Perhaps your people will like seeing themselves, too!

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    • No one has complained, yet. I think the younger ones are so used to putting everything out there that they won’t think twice. I expect my generation and above might be a little put off. But, I will sally forth until the complaints start.

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  4. Oh that kitty just melts my heart. Feral? I’m impressed. We had a cat named Slinky who took over a year to come inside. She gradually warmed up but it wasn’t until I had foot surgery requiring six weeks on the couch. She climbed up on the couch and sat next to my injured foot! Be still my heart. Your pooch is a gem. I think I’m going to enjoy my visits here.

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    • Doesn’t is feel so good to take in an animal and feel like they love the life you have made for them? All of our animals over the years have been adopted in some way or another and they have all been wonderful additions to our lives. Our newest exciting development? Brippy started sleeping on a corner of Riley’s dog bed and Riley will lay down beside her on the bed. They are becoming best friends. Next thing you know they will be snuggling!

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