a trip to maine

The highlight of my summer, so far, is a trip to Maine with my mom, Libby, and my husband, Michael. We went to see my brother’s family. They are building a cabin – which is a whole other blog post.

DSC_0098 (2)Here I am with my niece, Emily. If you ever have the chance to listen to a reggae concert while floating and drinking, I highly recommend that you do it.

DSC_0121This is Emily and her boyfriend Gaelen on the porch of the place we stayed. The lawn in the background was where the concert was. And the lake is directly below the porch. We spent a lot of time on the porch.

DSC_0097We saw (and heard) lots of loons. A trip to Maine isn’t complete without loons.

DSC_0124There was canoeing – this is husband Michael and niece Julia.

DSC_0127Coming in for a landing – note Julia’s helpful tongue.

DSC_0130Stuck it.

DSC_0139And there was dancing. On the porch. To loud music. At night.Β  Here, mom, Emily, sister-in-law Lisa, and Julia and her girlfriend, Emma, got caught. We were all guilty of said crimes.

It was a great trip.

26 thoughts on “a trip to maine

  1. Oh, Clare – they are amazing. Very big with a dangerous beak if you see it up close. They let their baby ride on their back, which is adorable. And when they go under the water, you never know where they will come up – they stay under for so long and they travel so far. And the SOUND they make! Rather eerie when you hear it at night.


    • The weather was amazing, Laurie, and we did have a wonderful time. We stuffed a week’s worth of activity and partying into two days. Next time, we’ll have to plan ahead a bit more and stay up there longer. And Yes! I do want to meet you in person. (Although I feel like I know you better than I know some people I see a lot.)

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      • Wonderful how blogging friends become such a part of our lives. Not sure where exactly your brother’s camp is, but the next time you come, if you stay longer, a possibility would be to meet at a central place to save on driving. Would that be Waterville for you? Anyway, it’s a thought.

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      • Laurie – my brother is so far removed that he doesn’t have an address. I would have to ask him the logistics questions the next time we go up there. I do think I’d like to give you a hug one day. : )


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