Congratulations to Lauren – Part Two

Lauren is engaged! She’s my eldest and lives in Brooklyn with her (now fiance) Colin. They are wonderful together and we are all thrilled.IMG_20200229_181244

Their first date was leap year, February 29, 2016. And four years later, on the next February 29th, Colin popped the question.IMG_20200229_181335

So excited for these two cuties.

19 thoughts on “Congratulations to Lauren – Part Two

  1. This is doubly special – WP is letting me comment on this post (these days it often isn’t letting me do anything) and your lovely eldest is engaged. They look nice folk and of course they must be, one of ’em’s yours after all 🙂 I always feel like the parents need congratulating when their offspring grow up to be healthy and happy and finding their own way of being in the world. So congrats all round. May the coming years be full of laughter and joy and all trials be easily resolved and learned from. xo

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    • Oh, thank you, Pauline. Glad WP let you comment! Those are lovely sentiments, and true. There will be trials, but to have them easily resolved and used as a lesson is a wonderful way to wish it. I’ve enjoyed following you on Instagram, by the way. I get there more than here these days.


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