Baby Opossum in the Compost Pile!

Yesterday, my girls were texting me throughout the afternoon. So, as I was gardening, I kept my phone in my sweatshirt pocket. As I took a wheelbarrow full of weeds back to the “dirty” compost pile, I noticed a movement in the “clean” compost pile right beside it. It was a baby opossum!

I watched him for way too long, wishing I had my camera. Then, I realized I had a phone! And people take pictures with phones!  So I took some opossum in compost pile

He was tiny – only about 6 inches of body. His face is next to a piece of celery for scale.  I took a lot of very bad pictures in a very slow manner. Then, I realized people take videos with their phones. So I took a video.  Baby Opossum Video

We’ll see if that link works. It was a windy day, so that’s the noise.  And he was eating the end of an onion! I went back after he had gone to be sure. Notice how he sees me inching closer, but doesn’t have the sense yet to be afraid of me. And look how his little ears move like a cat’s. It was a lovely experience. I never like to intrude too much on nature, so I backed away before I scared him off. He’s been back many times since. Michael put a little fence around the fresh veggies in the compost because Riley DOES like to intrude on nature.

Happy May, everyone. Be safe, be well. Hugs to you all.

35 thoughts on “Baby Opossum in the Compost Pile!

  1. The video link worked! Very cute – and maybe pretty hungry not to drop and hide when he/she scented your presence. Where is Mama Opossum I wonder. Is this little one considered mature enough to be all alone in the big bad world? and, final question, are your possums diurnal? Ours – well our illegal Australian interlopers, are nocturnal and you would only see them about in the day in seriously strapped conditions.

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    • Glad the video worked, Pauline. We’ve not seen the mom nor any other babies. And we are concerned. I have been filling the compost with lots of goodies. And yes- that we see him in the daytime makes me worried he is in a bad way. Ours are nocturnal, as well. He was here again today, so – so far so good. and we put a fence around the goodies area so Riley can’t get in there and bother him.

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      • Poor wee fellow – well, I’m sure he has as good a chance as any having found his way into your garden. Best wishes Jodie, I hope the wee fellow finds his feet and grows strong and sorts out his relationship with day and night. ❤

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      • Perhaps he’s figuring things out, Pauline. I chopped an apple up into about 10 pieces and put it out last night. When I got up today, there wasn’t a piece left. Of course, some other animal might have eaten it. But I like to think it was the baby and his mom and his shy siblings.


    • Thank you, Derrick. I have taken videos and pictures with my phone, before. But they have never been very exciting in quality. I was pleased with how this turned out. Then I emailed it to myself from my phone so I could open it on my computer and post it here. LOL There’s probably a much better way , but it worked. And yes, the spade tells the story. He was a tiny thing.

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  2. Oh, yes- they are known for their tick eating for sure. I haven’t seen him today. But last night I cut an apple up into about 10 pieces and put 5 into the compost pile and 5 on the other side of the fence. When I checked this morning, every one was gone. Anyone could have eaten them, I know. But I will put more out tonight.


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