a ruckus and a fracas

We have a bird house full of baby house wrens, and they are the noisiest baby birds I have ever heard. As they have gotten bigger, their noise is nearly constant and is audible from all over the yard. I Googled “noisiest baby birds,” and house wrens were often listed. So it’s a thing.

I took a video so you could hear them:  Our noisy baby house wrens

DSC_0020There was one baby who clogged up the exit hole. His is the voice most often heard.


DSC_0017Does he look a little grumpy to you?






seasonal firsts

We recently had our first good rain in a long time, and the garden is loving it. We’ve also had: honeybee on clover

our first honeybee;coneflowerour first coneflower; (thinking of you, Cynthia)Baby blue jayand our first floundering baby bird.baby blue jaySqueaky Pete – King of the Rock Wall.