creativity 3 – make time

My niece made me a present years ago. It hangs in my office and makes me feel good every day.hurry

So, for her birthday, I wanted to make her something special. I was giving her money, since that’s what teenagers want, so I decided to make a little purse to put it in.

I didn’t start sewing until the morning of the party. My machine wasn’t sewing just right, but I didn’t take the time to fix it because I was in  a hurry. The stitches around the zipper were crooked, but I didn’t rip them out because I didn’t have time. Eventually, I showed up late to the party: unshowered, empty-handed, and full of apologies.

I know better. I need to make mistakes as I go and have the time to fix them. My best work happens when I can enjoy the process and not just hurry to the finish.hurry_0001

I made this sign for my sewing room as a reminder to take time for creativity, and to have patience with myself as I learn and grow and improve.

Oh, and Gillian got a little package in the mail a few days later – with two purses.

gardening signs

The weather hasn’t been good, so I have been doing some paper gardening inside. I made a sign for  my kitchen using a great tutorial at Design Cuts.   Spring Poster I also made some signs for my garden. I printed them on cardstock, sprayed them with clear coat, decoupaged them onto wood, and polyurethaned them. Not sure how long they’ll last out in the weather, but aren’t they fun?strawberry sign
asparagus signThe sun is out . . . Time to get dirty!