BUPDATE ***bunny update***

My daughter, Laney, was the first to see him. DSC_0017 (1)This little cutie is the first to emerge from the nest.  In backyard nature , I explained that I was afraid the mother had been killed. But, as you can see, all is well. This little guy is only a foot away from his nest. He likely got impatient waiting for mom to come and feed him at dark.

We’ll have to keep the dog on a leash for a while – at this point the little fellas could be anywhere.

Do you see the white mark on the top of his head? I hope he keeps it forever.


The week did not start out as promising. . .Quilt, kitchen, Spring 039

Sad tulips

Quilt, kitchen, Spring 043

and smothered sedum.

Quilt, kitchen, Spring 046

But the cherry tree has a blossom. . .

Quilt, kitchen, Spring 048

And that tells me to put out the hummingbird feeders. . . Spring is here in South Jersey.