love spring

I haven’t seen a hummingbird yet,  April 29, which is late for me, but Spring is in full bloom here in South Jersey.DSC_0031Some of the Columbines are over 4 feet tall.  Sigh. I remember when Columbine was just a flower.DSC_0033Aren’t they pretty?

DSC_0037 (2)The bed by the front porch looks to have a promising year.DSC_0040 (2)The bed by the driveway looks pretty good, as well.DSC_0043The raised bed herb garden has some winter survivors as well as popsicle sticks promising good things to come.DSC_0045And here, my dears, is what my beloved party garden looks like on this very day. A sad, sad remnant of our glorious fall season together, as witnessed below.DSC_0006But, happily, my Sad Clematis has hung in there.DSC_0046Love Spring.



The week did not start out as promising. . .Quilt, kitchen, Spring 039

Sad tulips

Quilt, kitchen, Spring 043

and smothered sedum.

Quilt, kitchen, Spring 046

But the cherry tree has a blossom. . .

Quilt, kitchen, Spring 048

And that tells me to put out the hummingbird feeders. . . Spring is here in South Jersey.

seasonal firsts

We recently had our first good rain in a long time, and the garden is loving it. We’ve also had: honeybee on clover

our first honeybee;coneflowerour first coneflower; (thinking of you, Cynthia)Baby blue jayand our first floundering baby blue jaySqueaky Pete – King of the Rock Wall.


Things are looking greener, even in my attic. I’ve had great success sprouting a dozen or more different kinds of seeds in my makeshift greenhouse setup.  Adequate light is definitely a problem, though. When the first sprouts appeared, I put them on a cookie tray near the window. I used two shoe boxes to prop a light over them, but they are still thin and leggy.Seed sprouts and a lighting setupI used some cork I had to segregate the different seeds from each other – folded up aluminum foil would also work. I’m hoping the sun comes out soon; I think that would do these guys a world of good.

Sprouts Segregated and LabeledHere at my house we have a little habit of sending each other messages through our spice jars. Here’s my wish for all of us. . .Spring message spelled out in spice jars