It’s the gifting time of year, and no matter how many items I check off the gift list, I never feel right until I include something home-made in the mix.

Over the years, I have made and given:

Ginger Lime Syrup - web

Ginger Lime Syrup for making home made Ginger Ale – also delicious in tea and apple dishes


A beach bag with a hand made pouch


Christmas 2015 015

Home made bird suet

Christmas 2015 013

DSC_0006 (1)

A refillable burlap bird feeder

DSC_0065 (2)

It was popular with the recipients as well as with the birds.


Regifting wine bags


And various gifts for my chicken lover friends –


And my cat lover friends

I hope someone will get some ideas for making some hand made gifts of their own. Let me know if you have any questions about any of these. Happy Gifting!


20 thoughts on “gifting

    • Oh, yay! I’ve done suet a bunch of times – I just look up a recipe online and then add in what I want. I usually add the nuts and dried fruit left over from last year’s baking. Just don’t add TOO much extra or it won’t stick together & you’ll have to melt it down again and add more Crisco. : I

      The burlap feeders were fun. I refilled mine time and again, even with the holes the birds put in it.


  1. Oh so many lovely ideas here Jodie – and so beautifully presented! I love the idea of the study cards – and cats πŸ™‚ I may borrow that for next year as all my gifts for this year are made and now being packaged up. I also love the homemade suet and hessian bird feeder – brilliant ideas!

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    • Oh, don’t be too impressed. These are all gifts from the past – I was browsing them for inspiration for this year and decided to share. I’ve done nothing yet, either, for this year. We can both envy Pauline (comment above) together.


    • My brothers-in -law just got chickens this year and they are their world. I know the chickens are happy – the set up is amazing. And we are gifted with wonderful eggs from happy chickens. It’s a great situation. That was my Christmas present last year, prior to the chicks arriving. A “shower gift,” I guess.

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