epilogue : bunnies

So far, so good with our baby bunnies.

DSC_0054They are still little, as you can tell by this photo by a coneflower. (Gee, Riley, how did that lovely coneflower get trampled on to the ground?)

DSC_0041About a week after the bunnies left the nest I got up at 5:30, which is earlier than usual. I saw an adult rabbit and a baby together. They were grazing near the herb garden and when the adult hopped into the herb garden the baby immediately followed. I like to think it was the mom hanging around with her kids.DSC_0043I’m not seeing them as much; I think they are making their way to greener pastures. It’s been an interesting experience, but with a bunny-hunting dog in the family, I won’t be happy if I find another nest.

11 thoughts on “epilogue : bunnies

  1. I was just about to log off for the day and your post fell into view. Of course I had to hurry over to make sure all was well in your garden! Such lovely photos Jodie – aren’t they tiny and so cute. But I bet like all little, growing critters they sure can eat! I’m sure that was mumma bunny there making sure her babies knew what herbs to eat too. I know how you must feel with Riley in such close proximity. If Siddy were there he would be ecstatic – not because he hunts, but because he would see them as potential partners in a game of fetch – they’d run, he’d fetch 🙂 The outcome would, I’m sure, be the same as with Riley! It’s been fun watching but I hope you get your garden back now and Riley can roam free again.

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    • Oh, such lovely comments, Pauline. Thank you. Those bunnies ARE adorable.

      I hated to assume that the “mumma bunny” came back, not very scientific of me, but it did appear that way. I looked it up and read that she might come back to nurse them even after they have all left the nest. She “calls” them to her. Wouldn’t I love to see that!

      Riley is looking forward to roaming free and I am looking forward to letting her.

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