We have one kind of hummingbird here in South Jersey – the Ruby-throated Hummingbird. They are so fun that I mark my calendar every year regarding their behavior. I know now to put out my hummingbird feeders when the cherry tree begins to bloom in the spring. And I know that even though it is now peak hummingbird mayhem in my backyard, they will soon be migrating and I won’t see them again until the cherry tree blooms.DSC_0003I photographed this female from my office window.

And here’s a video with a hint of the mayhem going on in my yard. Although there are only ever 3 hummingbirds in the shot at once, there were at least 6 buzzing about the 4 feeders I have in the area. I do love them  and am so happy to see them every year.


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      • I understand believe me. I can’t count high enough to estimate how many times I google how to do something technical. 🙂 But, I returned for a visit, and it works perfectly so now I have questions. Is your hanger in the shade? I love the metal hummingbird, it’s lovely. I never seem to find the right place to hang a feeder to draw their attention.

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      • Glad you tried again! That particular feeder is mostly in the blazing sun (this was taken early morning). But see how tiny the feeder is? They empty it every day, so it has no time to go bad. I put my bigger feeders in the shade so they don’t spoil. For some reason, this is the favorite feeder location- even when it didn’t have the cute metal topper. I haven’t figured out why.

        There are clearly feeders that get action and feeders that don’t, but it’s mostly a mystery. I have about 10 feeders in my yard with plenty of flowers, as well. I try to make it worth their while to stop by. Keep trying! They are so fun to watch.


  1. Yup, something wrong with the video. I, too, love humming birds. They always leave sometime around my birthday in mid-September. A sad time when those fluttering beauties leave. I really like how you gauge when to put out their feeder.

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  2. Unlike others readers, I was able to see the video. Love it!!

    At least one nectar feeder is kept up year round along the Gulf Coast. We are fortunate to have several species visiting, but currently it’s around 10 RTH’s each on 6 feeders. It’s my morning joy to sit in the dark each morning waiting for them to wake from torpor and begin another day fighting constantly over a feeder with 10 seats … room for all. Such little bird brains they are!

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    • Oh, wow – you have it going on down there! I have about 10 feeders and get 6 on one at a time at the most. You describe their personalities perfectly – they spend so much time fussing at each other that very little actual eating goes on. Love them!

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  3. Thank you, very much, Simon. We are very lucky to get these little pistols in our yard every year. Once the cherry tree starts to bloom, I will put out their feeders so they are well fed as soon as they get here.


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