Congratulations to Lauren

After earning a five year Architecture degree and then working another five years while taking six very difficult licensing tests, my eldest is now a licensed architect. I am so proud of her and so happy for her. We celebrated last weekend with a backyard party.

Here’s some of the food and a sign with Lauren’s letters.DSC_0031

More food and my nephew, Collin, my brother, Dave, and my sister Margaret.DSC_0032

Lauren and her boyfriend, Colin, are walking past the Herb Garden on their way to the Party Garden.DSC_0034

Here’s a view of the food tent as shot from the Party Garden.DSC_0025

This is my son, Patrick, and his girlfriend, Lexie.DSC_0023

These are my brothers-in-law, Spike and Daniel. They made the sushi, which was amazing.DSC_0036

This is Michael and me behind  Lauren and Colin making a toast. There were tears.DSC_0052 (2)

This is the sound system. Michael is a recording engineer, so we always have a killer sound system. Don’t tell anyone, but, at one point, I grabbed that mic and started singing along to Miley Cyrus.DSC_0039

It was chilly, so we started the bonfire early.DSC_0066DSC_0065

Here’s my mom at the bonfire. This party came at the end of a wild month of work for me and I was horribly unprepared. Mom stepped up and made it all happen, and it was a great success. By the way, her admirer is my dad, her ex-husband.IMG_4967

Here’s Riley. She loves a backyard party, but I think she got too many treats from everyone.DSC_0059

This was Riley all the next day.DSC_0068


28 thoughts on “Congratulations to Lauren

  1. ……and a fab time was had by all, especially Riley! Congratulations to your daughter, that’s a long hard training ground to have gone through. I love when we parents bask in the glow of our kids achievements – it’s like we did it too 😀 So well done Jodi!! ❤

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  2. Congratulations! Ten years is a huge investment when most of us think we have done well to achieve a four-year degree. I hope all of her professional and personal dreams come true. 🙂 If anyone ever wants to throw a wonderful family party, I think you’re the one to call because that looks like one great event.

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  3. Oh, so lovely! Congrats, congrats to your daughter. What an achievement! I really enjoyed seeing all the pictures of your beautiful family. And Judy hit the nail on the head about the family party. What a spread! Celebrate, celebrate! You know that’s my motto. 😉 Finally, that picture of Riley made me giggle. Did you feel exactly the same way when the party was over?

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    • Riley is a riot at a party – she walks around and visits with everyone – much better than I do. And Lauren often works on schools that want a low carbon footprint, so she is doing good heartfelt work. She is overworked, but fulfilled.

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