garden structures and a special guest

My husband spotted him first while I was at work: a Rose Breasted Grosbeak at our feeder. SO exciting – I’ve seen them before, but rarely, and NEVER in my own back yard. Just plain old sunflower seeds on  a platform feeder did the trick. He was here for several days and I got a good look at him, the little cutie pie.Rose breasted gorsbeak at feederMy husband has been my best garden supporter this year; he signed me up for the organic herbal gardening course that spurred me on; he  gave me a gift certificate to the best nursery in town; AND he spent his birthday money to make me three of these excellent new planters.Raised bed vegetable planter

This one is sporting cabbages (I’ll pick the biggest and let the little ones continue to grow), rosemary, nasturtiums, and sunflowers.

Happy Mother’s Day!

6 thoughts on “garden structures and a special guest

  1. That is one of my favorite birds! How fun that must have been to watch him so close and enjoying your feeding tray! Great picture, you even got his feet.
    Really nice planters! Reminds me of the old Smith & Hawkins look, before they mass marketed. The cabbages look so good in them. Would make a nice painting.

    Happy Mother’s Day:)

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    • Thanks for the compliments, Cynthia. I keep looking at the feeders to be sure they are still filled & am just hoping to see him again. And the planters are great – so sturdy – I can use them to push myself up if I have been on my knees too long & get sore.

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